I am really grateful to Dr. Bakshi for having helped me during one of the worst phase in my life. I was suffering from eczema for last 1year. It was pathetic for me. I had consulted with many skin specialists and still I could see no improvements within myself. For almost two and a half month I was on bed not at all in a position to walk and take care of my family and my 1 and a half year old son. This situation made me depressed. Finally one of our neighbours suggested me to consult Bakson’s Homoeopathic clinic. I finally landed up at Bakson’s and started my treatment. Now after six months of treatment there has been a tremendous improvement with complete satisfaction.

I am so thankful to Dr. Bakshi for his kind help and love and affection extended to me. I would also like to thank other doctors at Bakson’s for showing so much patience in helping me out and solving my case for treatment. Lastly the decision taken by my family members and me was the right choice.

Divya Sharma, Delhi

About a year back I was suffering from severe dandruff, hair fall and acne. Hair fall was so bad that I had almost 50-100 hair fall daily. My tension kept on increasing. Allopathy was not of much help though it did provide with temporary relief.

Finally, my father saw Bakson’s advertisement in the newspaper and decided to try Homoeopathy. Very frankly, I wasn’t convinced in the beginning. For 3 months, there was no effect of the medicines. However, the doctors asked me to have patience and be regular with medicines. Gradually my hair fall reduced to 5-10 a day. Dandruff also reduced to almost nil. The best part was that my acne is completely gone. 

Homoeopathy says that it treats the disease from its root and it has proved that any organization is known by its members/staff. And surely BAKSONS STAFF is one of the best staffs. The comforting interior, the overall environment and most helping staff is very impressive and comforting for its patients. It’s not just like other clinic but a place where one is comfortable, satisfied, and gets personal attention in every visit. Surely, after being a part of BAKSONS I have been benefited a lot!!!!

Shruti Maheshwari, Ahmedabad

I was suffering from Psoriasis. I was very upset and went to doctors who said there was only 2-3% chances to cure the disease and given me very less hope. My brother-in-law advised me to consult DR. SPS Bakshi. I consulted him on 4th February 2002 and he told me it would take about 3-4 years to cure. By the grace of God, with Dr Bakshi’s best efforts and medicine today I am 80% alright and cured. I thank Dr. Bakshi and wish him a happy and prosperous New Year and success in his profession. I being the senior citizen of 75 year of age, again thank him on my behalf and my family.

Gurvinder Sarin, Delhi

Dr. Bakshi and his staff are very co-operative and polite. The doctors understand the patient’s problem very deeply. I am suffering from psoriasis and after 2 years of treatment at Bakson’s I have 60% improvement in my condition.

Mrs. Gita Maurya, Gurgaon

For the past 5years I am suffering from acne. Recently I started using the Bakson’s Homoeopathic pills, which showed improvement in the acne. It gave a new fresh look to my face.

G. Krishme Chaitary, Bangalore

I was suffering from hair fall since October 2004. I took treatment from Bakson’s and now I am 99% better with the medicines. I am really feeling great.

Jerry A Braganza, Ahmedabad

I had psoriasis in the year 2002. Then I consulted Bakson’s Homoeopathy and I took Homoeopathic treatment. My psoriasis is improving and I am feeling 40% improvement in my condition.

Kunal Malhotra, Delhi

I have been a patient at Bakson’s, Ahmedabad for the past six months. A friend who had been benefiting from Bakson’s clinic brought me to this place and hereby introduced me to a new world. I had been suffering from severe acne for the past 8-10 years and no one had been able to make any difference through their medications. But, with the treatment at Bakson’s there was an almost miraculous recovery for the first time and now my face is looking clearer. 

The entire team at this centre is extremely warm and the place feels very homely unlike other clinics, which are I guess only interested in moneymaking. Doctors here are most efficient, generous and warm.

Uma Sangal, Ahmedabad

I am very happy to say that I have got the best treatment here in Bakson’s Homoeopathy clinic. I was undergoing treatment for acne in this clinic. The system in Bakson’s is very good. The doctors are very co-operative and soft spoken. I am very happy that my acne is almost healing. I would like to thank Bakson’s personally for the wonderful treatment.

Shreyas.S, Bangalore

I am really thankful to “BAKSONS HOMOEOPATHY” for providing excellent counseling and medication. Last few months suddenly red rashes and swollen blisters developed on my hands and legs. It was very difficult for me to work, as I am a teacher by profession. At any point of time their used to be irritation, itching and uneasiness. At BAKSON’S the doctors under the guidance of Dr. Bakshi diagnosed my condition. At this point of time it is under control and it has given me a lot of relief. I am thankful to Bakson’s clinic once again for giving confidence that disease can be controlled.

Mrs. Chanchal Sharma, Delhi

Good treatment at Bakson’s. Improvement in my skin problem.

Manju.M.C, Bangalore

I had been under treatment of palmar and plantar psoriasis for the last three months. There was severe pain due to cuts and bleeding from wounds. Rashes and bleeding have now disappeared almost totally. The disease has been diagnosed properly and proper treatment was provided with the results within a short span of 3 months. I have shown considerable improvement. My sincere thanks to all the doctors at Bakson’s and I wish them all the more success in life.

Gayatri Devi, Delhi

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