At Bakson’s, they work with a positive attitude, which they also infuse in their patients and guide them to lead a healthy life, with success and happiness. The centre is like “Nature’s medicine chest”, it is the first line of defense against Allergies for our entire family. I appreciate their perception and intuition to read “The Unspoken Word” of their patients and help empower their sensitive zones.

Rashmi Batra, Delhi

At “Bakson’s Homoeopathy” doctors are highly knowledgeable, courteous and very well trained. Besides medical approach they treat the patients with psychological counseling. Reception and other staff members are all very well behaved, courteous and cheerful. They give personal attention to each patient.

Medicine dispensing system is absolutely neat and clean with a modern approach. Atmosphere is very comfortable with beautiful interiors and clean environment. BAKSON’S is state of art clinic. Treatment approach is HOLISTIC. I wish BAKSON’S and it’s staff a very bright future.

S.K.Bhalla, Ahmedabad

I am pleased with everything that is Bakson’s - the doctors, the reception staff, the quality of medicine, the quality of service, the hospitality, the in-house yoga advisor etc. Things are well organized and are of European standard.

Taking all these things together, I am confident that Bakson’s will go a long way to help people get cured from acute and chronic allergic diseases. The Bakson’s Homoeopathic Institute is another feather to its cap. I wish all the best to BAKSON’S.

Partha Ray, Gurgaon

My ailment since 2 years has come down drastically and I have improved my health. Come and enjoy the great help given by Bakson’s.

Richard Sandson, Bangalore

My experience with “Bakson’s Homoeopathy” is very good. The doctors and the staff are extremely helpful and cheerful. For the doctors I can only say, it’s something like talking to your own daughters, the way they explain everything to the patient. Really it’s good. Just keep it up.

Kiran Joshi, Gurgaon

The treatment is good. Regarding allergies the treatment is really very good. I had skin allergy and dust allergy both of which have decreased after showing at Bakson’s.

R.Raghavendra Rao, Bangalore

It is amazing how great I feel after the treatment. My belief in Homoeopathy has increased tremendously. I highly recommend and strongly favor the treatment here at BAKSON’S.

Special thanks to Dr. Bakshi and all other doctors at Bakson’s for looking after me so well. Besides the medicine the support and affection is highly appreciated. All the very best.

Anamika, Gurgaon

The above doctors treated me very well for the body allergy and so far they have cured 90% of my allergy. I am really grateful to all the doctors at Bakson’s and Dr. Bakshi.

K.H.Parappa, Bangalore

My experience with “Bakson’s Homoeopathy” is just great. The staff and the doctors are very polite in their approach and we can see remarkable change in a period of time. It has a decent environment.

P.Subhakar, Bangalore

Treatment at this centre has been a fine experience. I am pleasantly surprised to know that I am on my way to recovery within a short span of two and a half months. I came to this centre after unsuccessfully trying other medicines for two months. The positive and quick results have been a great relief to me. I take this opportunity to thank the doctors and staff at Bakson’s.

B.C.Girish, Bangalore

I have undergone nearly 1 year of treatment. I feel more than 90% improvement. The Doctors are very kind and co-operative. They listened to my complaints patiently and gave me very good treatment.

A.S. Satyaji Rao, Bangalore

I was a patient suffering from many problems - eczema, cough and cold, laryngitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, hyperacidity, mouth ulcers, backache and cramps. I tried all pathies and took treatment from number of doctors but got no relief. In fact, I was even diagnosed for anxiety and depression. I consulted Dr. S.P.S. Bakshi and started taking treatment from him. Thanks to Dr. Bakshi and God that I started getting relief within a week’s time. I am now 70% cured and leading a happy life. Treatment is still going on.

To add I would also like to mention here that my wife Smt. Sangita Saxena who was suffering from wet eczema on her leg for last three years and no pathy/doctor was able to cure her. She was very much depressed on account of her sickness. But again a miracle, she was placed under the treatment of you. Everybody was surprised that she was totally cured within a period of 7-8 months.

Seeing these miraculous results my brother-in-law who was suffering from sinusitis for a very long time started taking medicine from your centre. Now he is very happy as he is almost cured. Also one of my friends Mr. Satish Malik suffering from severe arthritis saw me cured. On my advice he took treatment from Dr. S.P.S. Bakshi and now he is fully cured and leading a normal life.

At last, while concluding, I feel that “Bakson’s Homoeopathy” is a blessing in disguise for patients in today’s materialistic life, full of tensions and pollution. To end, a message for patients, “To get one-self totally cured of any disease do not forget to visit Bakson’s Allergy Centre”

Sh. Dinesh Saxena, Delhi

Continuous treatment in allopathy for 2-3 years could not cure my disease but 8 months of treatment at Bakson’s has almost eradicated the disease. I am more comfortable now in my life style.

Hospitality of all the employees here is pretty good. I feel homely when I visit this centre. Even waiting for hours (sometimes) does not make me feel that I am wasting my time here. Special thanks to all doctors at Bakson’s who are very polite, have patience in listening and their counseling really cures the patient’s disease by 50%.

Every thing is good at Bakson’s and hope they maintain the same for the years to come.

Usha Mohanty, Bangalore

I had hyperpigmentation in my legs as well as cold, cough, etc. I came to Bakson’s through newspaper advertisement. I came here and met the doctor who took my case history and gave me medicines accordingly. Now, after taking treatment for about 6months, I feel better and relieved of my allergy.

The staff here is very polite. The first time I came the staff at the reception helped me in understanding the membership options as well as benefits, which I shall get later. At Bakson’s it doesn’t feel like I am in a clinic or something of that sort. All of them here are very friendly and helpful.

Aseem Bhandari, Ahmedabad

I am a student who has received treatment from BAKSON’S HOMOEOPATHY for multiple allergies. I had back pain and hyperacidity. Based on my life style doctors at BAKSON’S HOMOEOPATHY were able to design treatment for my allergies. I have found the treatment very useful and have benefited from it. I am able to concentrate on my studies better after 4 months of treatment. Back pain has come 50-60% under control and hyperacidity has also subsided. I thank BAKSON’S HOMOEOPATHY for helping me overcome my allergies through their result-oriented treatment.

Preetam B.Joshi, Bangalore

I associated with Bakson’s (Delhi) 16yrs back, where Dr. Bakshi 100% cured my severe Asthma in the most polluted environment of Delhi. Some years later I badly suffered from knee and joints pains, which almost made me a handicap and confined me to enjoy tours with my family. In fact, even a short walk required lot of efforts.

I again visited Bakson (Ahmedabad) with the same trust, that they can only provide some relief. This time I was treated by one of the doctors who not at all treated me as patient and in fact supported me regain my confidence in healthy mind and body. His advice helped me to change my lifestyle. I began to believe in the charisma of yoga, healthy living practices and recovered from joints pain up to 70% within six months of treatment. Quite lately I travelled around with my family to Jammu without any hindrance and got back satisfied and blissful.

Bina Panwar (Wife of Add. S.P. CBI), Ahmedabad

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