I am a patient of Chronic Migraine. My headache was so severe that I used to literally bang my head against the wall. I had tried different kinds of treatments but to no avail. Then I was told about Bakson’s clinic. Initially I was reluctant in taking another treatment but then I thought that I’ll give it a try. This try seemed to be the last try because now I can feel a tremendous change in myself. ‘Gone’ are the frequent migraine attacks! 

I will not exaggerate and say that they have been completely ceased from my life leaving no mark, but I shall definitely convey the point that the treatment has done wonders for me. 

Before taking their treatment I would seek ways to relieve my pain and now I hope to remove my pain and it is ‘BAKSON’S’ which has given me the hope. I have recommended this clinic to a lot of my friends and they have all been satisfied and thanked me for the same. And now I would like to recommend this clinic to everyone I meet. Last, but not the least, I would like to thank Dr Bakshi and his other doctors for their support and making me lead a normal life.

Ruchika, Delhi

I have been suffering from Migraine for quite some time. I learnt about Bakson’s Homoeopathy center through an advertisement. I started visiting the clinic from 16th December 2004. After about one and half month I started feeling improvement. I like the reception of Doctors and staff- very friendly and homely atmosphere. I feel that I am in safe hands.

Mrs. Vinodini Raveendran, Ahmedabad

First, I would like to thank “BAKSON’S Homoeopathy” for providing me a quick relief from migraine. Earlier, prior to this, I used to take allopathic medicines (i.e. vasograin) for more than last five years. The frequency of migraine headaches was quite regular. It was a rising trend in terms of its occurrence. Due to this I was losing my concentration. But when I started my treatment with Bakson’s Homoeopathy, I was quite surprised on seeing its results. Now I do not have any such Migraine headaches.

Sanjay Gupta, Gurgaon

I had paralysis and total loss of muscular power in left arm. I took consultation and treatment from Dr. S.P.S. Bakshi. I took treatment for a period of 2 months. After taking this treatment I started having improvement in my left arm and gradually my muscle power increased. Now, I am able to do all the movements with my left arm and there is no muscle weakness. My diagnosed case of paralysis is completely cured by “Bakson’s Homoeopathic Medicines”.

Mr. Qamruddin Khan, Delhi

Basically I have a good faith in Homoeopathy treatment and system of medicine. I have a small library of books on the subject and also have a set of certain medicines for small ailments. However I strongly feel that one should undertake treatment under the guidance of an able Doctor.

I was very happy to read, from TOI paper, about the opening of Dr. Bakshi’s BAKSON’S Homoeopathy clinic at Ahmedabad. I therefore immediately decided to enroll for my knee pain treatment. I was fortunate and was glad to meet Dr. Bakshi at BAKSON Ahmedabad. We were highly impressed with the typical aura of his personality. He frankly advised us that total cure, for old knee pain in old age, may not be possible with this treatment, however pain shall be under control. I am very much satisfied with my progress. I was advised certain exercises beside medicines. I find exercise very beneficial. 

Doctors are highly knowledgeable, courteous and very well trained. Beside medical approach they treat the patients with psychological counselling. Reception and other staff members are all very well behaved, courteous and cheerful. They give personal attention to each patient. 

Medicine dispensing system is absolutely neat and clean with a modern approach. Atmosphere is very comfortable with beautiful interiors and clean environment. BAKSON is state of art clinic. Treatment approach is HOLISTIC. I wish BAKSON’S and their staff a very bright future at AHMEDABAD.

S.K.Bhalla, Ahmedabad

I was suffering from severe pain in the middle finger of right hand. I had read the advertisement of Dr. Bakshi’s Bakson’s Homoeopathy and visited the clinic on 25th Nov 2004. I consulted the doctor who gave assurance that the pain will be removed slowly and slowly. At present there is 80% relief. I am satisfied by the Doctors of this clinic, they are most cooperative and helpful to me. As regards staff all of them are courteous, ever smiling and most cooperative.

Mr. Mithalal, Ahmedabad

I would like to state that I was suffering from cervical pain from last 2yrs, I have taken allopathy but result was ZERO. I came to know that Bakson’s Homoeopathy is specialized in allergy and allergy manifestations. I started my treatment at Bakson’s Ahmedabad Centre. I am feeling much better, after 6 months of treatment. I would like to suggest that if you have any kind of allergy problem please contact Bakson’s centre.

N.N.Vora, (A member of JAPAN soc.of civil ENGINEER TOKYO- JAPAN) Gandhi Nagar

I was suffering from spondylosis since October 2004. I took treatment from Bakson’s and now I am 99% better with the medicines. I am really feeling great.

Jerry A Braganza, Ahmedabad

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